Foresight Properties
Foresight Properties is a strategic consulting agency working with family offices, foundations, investors, and individuals who want to be a step ahead.

We help you acquire and build on properties that can help you shape your future today, one concrete step at a time.
Our portfolio contains more than 70 properties. See below for some examples of our property portfolio!
Why now?
Local lawyers can be very expensive and don't always have the latest knowledge
Companies need to find the right specialists at the right rate.
Make sure you are part of the future of the legal profession before it is too late.
Why now?
Protecting intellectual property rights by using a lawyer can be expensive.
It doesn't have to be that way.
Start collaborating with the friendly robot that can handle it for you all around the world.
Why now?
Volatile times can increase insecurity.
Public or private security can be complemented by security from a distance.
Omnivision has the setup in place to help anywhere in the world.
Why now?
Become part of a movement that wants to stop fake news and the spreading of lies online.
Find and support others who think alike.

Why now?
Over 184 million people have been infected by Covid-19.
Billions of consumers and citizens need help recovering from it's impact.
Why now?
Borders are opening up.
The tourism and travel industry and transport companies need to regain the trust of individuals.
Who will take the lead?
Why choose us?
Unique properties
We curate unique properties that can kickstart your future. We offer a balanced set of private property as well as non-exclusive property options to choose from.
Individual approach
Every individual and company has its own needs. Especially for larger acquisitions, we work from your strengths, needs, and aspirations.
Growth for the future
Highly skilled professionals will help you grow on par with new technologies, current trends, and eco-systems on the rise. We can help you innovate and transform starting from sensibly sized, real commitments.
Our property areas
No one became more innovative or resilient by avoiding risk altogether. Results require a small leap of faith. We curate a wide range of properties to help our clients take small or somewhat bigger steps forward. We can connect you to other co-owners and collaborators if and when useful.
Digital real estate and intellectual property
Owning or co-owning a domain name, social media account, web platform, trademark, or patent can be one way to stake a claim in the future you want to see.
We curate premium digital real estate and help you build on that.
Equity in startups and innovative ventures
Professions are changing at a rapid pace. Lawyers will work with chatbots, doctors with AI. Let us help you keep your finger on the pulse by connecting you to the founders shaping the future today. We assist our clients in making the investment or co-investment choices in the startups and innovative ventures that matter.
Real estate
Thinking about your future can entail thinking about the where of your activities also. We help our clients think through demographic, economic, geo-political, and climate change effects. Make sure to plan ahead. We curate unique lands and real estate to prepare and diversify your way of living and working for the future. Let our agents in selected resilient or up-and-coming locations help you figure out what can work for you.
What do we offer?
Concrete starting point purchasing options to inspire your thinking, accelerate your decision making, and root your action
We make sure you don't get lost in your own mind or in endless expensive strategic discussions in your organization.
You save precious time and money while acquiring actual property
Think about the amount of time and money you have spent on vague consulting advice or planning. Imagine converting at least some of that into actual property and a path of reasonable acquisition options moving forward. Last minute jitters? You can still protect your reputation by adjusting the way you end up using that property as you move along.
Commit to, and experiment in reality. Get to real lessons learned faster.
Show some dedication and start learning what works. Boost your resilience and agility. You will learn faster with some skin in the game.
Meet our team
Busy curating top properties
Preparing them
And advising clients
Wilfried De Wever
Foresight Initiatives Developer
Archil Kublashvili
Finance Guru
Dmitry Foremnyi
Startup Scout
Trends we monitor to steer our advise and portfolio:
Climate and natural resources
Social and behavioral
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